Privacy policy of Edge One Innovations Sp. z o.o. mobile applications

Privacy policy of Edge One Innovations Sp. z o.o. mobile applications


This document describes the privacy policy of mobile applications by Edge One Innovations Sp. z o.o. with registered office in Warsaw (hereinafter as „Edge One Innovations”), including the Food Track World app, Otwarte w Niedzielę app, as well as any other application developed by Edge One Innovations, unless a separate privacy policy document for such a mobile application has been published by Edge One Innovations.


  1. Depending on the mobile platform, as well as on the permissions granted by the user within a mobile device, Edge One Innovations mobile applications may access the following permissions on a mobile device:

1.1 information about location (location permissions);

1.2 storage permissions;

1.3 connection functionality


  1. Edge One Innovations may collect the following data from mobile applications:

– user location

– mobile platform type (operating system and version);

– mobile device brand;

– mobile device model;

– mobile device identification number;

– android advertising identifier;

– mobile device language;

– name and last name; account address;

– food truck’s fanpage identification (name, id)

-store’s name, store’s address within Otwarte w Niedzielę app;

– user’s email address and password;

– user’s telephone number, and store’s telephone number within Otwarte w Niedzielę app;

– user’s country and place of residence;

– user’s birthday.


  1. Most of the aforementioned data is collected by mobile applications solely locally (on Your mobile device).


  1. Mobile applications may send the following data to an external Edge One Innovations server:

– mobile device language;

– mobile platform type;

– mobile device identification number;

– user location (or location of other places specified in the mobile application, in line with application’s functionality), as well as possible description of location set by the user.


  1. Furthermore, thanks to Google analytics tool (provided to Edge One Innovations by Google LLC with registered office in Mountain View, California, USA), Edge One Innovations may collect:

– mobile platform name and version;

– mobile application’s name;

– mobile application user’s country and place of residence

– name of service provider;

– mobile device brand;

– mobile device’s screen resolution;

– mobile application user’s identification

– mobile application user’s BigQuery identification;

– mobile application user’s age, sex, and interests.


  1. Depending on a mobile application, application’s permissions can be revoked by changing system settings on the device, or by uninstalling the application.


  1. If you disagree to the provisions of this privacy policy, do not install the mobile app, or uninstall it.


  1. Mobile application data, being personal data, may be freely provided by the user, or automatically collected by the mobile app while the application is in use.


  1. Each use of cookie files – or other tracking tools – by this mobile application or by the owners of third-party services used by this application, if not stated otherwise, is for user identification and user preference remembering purposes, solely in order to provide the service specified by the user.


  1. Failure to supply some data (including personal data) by the user may prevent the mobile application from providing services. Communication on this issue will be relayed via the mobile application.


  1. Users are responsible for all personal data of third parties obtained, published, or disclosed via the mobile application, and they acknowledge that they possess third party’s permission to transfer the data to the owner.


  1. Processing of the data obtained via mobile applications by Edge One Innovations is performed by means of computers and/or IT tools, in line with organizational procedures and modes closely linked to identified goals. Apart from the data controller, in some cases the data might be accessible to specified types of persons responsible on behalf of Edge One Innovations for mobile applications’ operation. An updated list of these entities can be obtained at any time from the data administrator.
  2. Data is processed at administrative offices of the data administrator which is Edge One Innovations, as well as in any other place where entities involved in data processing reside, and with whom Edge One Innovations have entered into a relevant agreement. For more information, please contact Edge One Innovations.
  3. Data is stored for the time necessary to provide the service requested by the user, or specified in goals set forth in this document, and at any time the User has the right to require the data Administrator to suspend or delete the data.
  4. Data related to the user is collected for the purpose of enabling Edge One Innovations to provide services.
  5. Depending on a particular user’s device, the mobile application may require some permissions which will enable it to obtain access to user’s device’s data in a manner described below. By default, these permissions must be granted by the user before obtaining access to relevant information. After the permission has been granted, it may be revoked by the user at any time. In order to revoke these permissions, users may consult device’s settings or contact Edge One Innovations to obtain support in contact data provided in this document. The precise procedure of mobile application’s permission control may depend on a device and user’s software. It should be noted that revoking such permissions may affect the correct operation of the application.
  6. Should a user grant any of the permissions specified in item 16 above, in order to properly provide services via the mobile application appropriate personal data may be processed (i.e. disclosed, modified, or deleted) by the mobile application.
  7. Location permission is used by the mobile application to obtain access to the location of the mobile device.
  8. Edge One Innovations have introduced technical and organizational safeguards in order to protect user’s data, specifically from being lost, manipulated, or from unauthorized access. We regularly adjust our safety measures to continuous technical development.
  9. Legal conditions for Edge One Innovations as a service provider are in a natural way subject to amendments and adjustments. These changes and corrections may require an occasional update to this privacy policy. Edge One Innovations will inform users about any change.
  10. Mobile application’s user’s personal data will be processed by Edge One Innovations for the time necessary to provide mobile application’s services, or until the application is uninstalled, or until a person who the data concerns submits an objection (in such a case it is necessary for the user to uninstall the application), and after that period for purposes and for the time required by law, or to secure possible claims which may arise.
  11. User has the right to access the content of their personal data, as well as the right to correct, delete, or limit the processing, the right to transfer the data, and the right to submit an objection to its processing, as well as the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory body. Providing the personal data is voluntary, but necessary for carrying out the mobile application’s services.
  12. All rights of the mobile application’s users which concern users’ personal data have been additionally described in this document and in Edge One Innovations privacy policy accessible at



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