Your idea

Have an idea for app you’ve always wanted to take forward?

An idea blending dreams and futuristic solutions, promising, ambitious, innovative… it’s only the beginning.  You have it, but don’t know how to put it into practice? We will help you develop your vision, come closer to its realization in the form of your own business. We will be the accelerator of our startup. We can help you in your activities comprehensively or on one of the stages. Everything depends on our individual arrangements.

Tell us about your idea, we’ll cover the rest! Check out the way it works:




It’s our first meeting during which you will tell us about your idea for mobile app and assumptions according to which you’d like to proceed. Our experts will assess the general concept. We will confront it with reality, possibilities and the requirements your project should meet in order to succeed.


A promising idea needs to be rooted in reality, which is why at this stage we will precisely assess its market potential, indicate target groups, analyze the competition and market trends as well as chances and possibilities of financing/co-financing the project.
This is also the moment when we “complement” or modify your vision so that we can develop a fully valuable product and maximize its chance for success.


It’s the time for establishing the project team – project manager, developers, graphic designer, testers. Each of the team members is a specialist who will contribute their knowledge and experience to the project.
At the same time we carry out activities related to establishing a company or other legal forms to which the project will belong, and if need be, we proceed to the obtaining financing. The source, manner and scope of financing depends on the nature of the project, its potential and its attractiveness to prospective investors.


Project team operates in a chosen agile methodology, and the progress is continuously monitored and verified. Developers and graphic designer work on the project simultaneously in order to create a solution wholly attractive for the user.
At the same time we begin marketing your startup: we create a brand, a website, we plan market communication channels and tools – everything that sends the message about the new product to the world.


Ready and adequately “packaged” product is launched into the market. We will help you in publishing, distribution and sales. We set the business in motion.

Make the first step! MAKE IT REAL!