ePlanter- Agro Weather

ePlanter- Agro Weather, is a weather forecast app particularly useful for farmers, gardeners and fruit-growers managing crops on multiple fields.

ePlantator is Poland’s unique app dedicated to cropland spraying planning. It merges a weather app with a localizer and planner.

Thanks to the ePlanter app farmers are able to mark on the map the locations of all their croplands and assign them to one of four categories (fruits, vegetables, cereals, others), to check current weather – specifically the temperature, humidity, wind direction and force individually for each of their fields. With the use of a built-in calculator farmers can calculate the optimal timeframe for spraying on a given field. They can also make notes, budget estimations, mark crop rotations, as well as receive notifications about weather changes in the cropland area.

The app is available for Android devices.

Google Play- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.edge1i.applications.agrosprayer