Who we are?

We are not your typical IT company. We are passionate about innovation. We implement ideas which change the world – the world of regular people and serious business. Our ambition is to provide advanced technology solutions which no one before us has created, and to perfect the ones already existing, in order to become the leader in the area. We wish to inspire, incite creativity, encourage pursuit of the boldest of visions and the most incredible of ideas. On our road to modernity we are supported by the knowledge of experts, a panel of the best IT specialists and the possibility to invest in the most interesting projects.


What we do?

We set in motion the boldest of ideas. We are passionate about Mobile, Wearables, Virtual & Augumented Reality and Big Data technologies, believing firmly that this is the direction in which the world is moving. We are an innovation incubator which motivates to actions enhancing the quality of life. We seek ideas for attractive applications, assess their potential, create, design and provide their financing. We make room for initiators and creators by giving them a whole spectrum of possibilities to realize their visions and by guiding them from the idea to the launch of their solution.


Edge One Group

Edge One Innovations is a sister company to Edge One Solutions, a company delivering experts in the most modern programming technologies. Our cooperation is a merger of innovative thinking and foolproof implementation. Cooperation with Edge One Solutions is our strength, giving us the advantage of swift passage through the whole app development process. It is a guarantee of success which comprises agile management and first-class project teams.