What we do?

We set in motion the boldest of ideas. We are passionate about Mobile, Wearables, Virtual & Augumented Reality and Big Data technologies, believing firmly that this is the direction in which the world is moving. We are an innovation incubator which motivates to actions enhancing the quality of life. We seek ideas for attractive applications, assess their potential, create, design and provide their financing. We make room for initiators and creators by giving them a whole spectrum of possibilities to realize their visions and by guiding them from the idea to the launch of their solution.

Have a look at what our app development process looks like.


1. Market research

» If a similar app already exists we analyze
»  Number of such apps
»  Number of users of each particular app
»  Functional scope
»  Devices on which they work
»  Business model and prices

» If a similar app doesn’t exist, we proceed to:
» Devise a feasibility study
»  Carry out market research
»  Define target group/groups
»  Estimate the demand
»  Devise a business model
»  Design mocks

2. Creating a functional program
3. Investment estimation
4. Prospective BEP estimation
5. Return on investment estimation
6. Cost effectiveness evaluation
7. Determining source of funding – if other than own funding

» Determining source of funding
» Documentation preparation
» Obtaining financing

8. Making up a team and division of duties
9. Defining timetable for implementation
10. Development
11. Works related to demo and MVP version commercialization
12. Going live!