We implement own projects – original consumer and business applications. We also deliver made-to-order solutions in line with the needs and expectations of customers. Our products are based on e-/m-commerce, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Wearables and Smartphones, BigData analysis, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, voice and video analysis, data analysis from associated devices and others.


Creating solutions for business we pursue above all the principle of effectiveness and maximization of benefits coming from the implementation of innovative solutions in business. Advanced technologies open up a number of opportunities to improve data management, facilitate business analytics, speed up decision processes, or communicate with business environment more effectively. They have impact on dynamic development, gaining and solidifying competitive advantage. Thus, their application translates into financial results and position on the market.


Solutions for individual users is a whole ocean of opportunities due to the development of modern technologies and the emergence of ever more modern solutions which allow to accumulate the operational center of our daily lives in just one device. We are the ones who explore this ocean by designing and implementing innovative products and solutions which make the use and management of data as convenient and useful as possible.