It was the ambition of Bambino app’s  creators to develop a tool helpful to couples trying to get pregnant. Bambino – a world-class innovative mobile app – has been developed based on a defined algorithm using neural network which allows for determining woman’s fertile days without interfering with her life’s natural rhythm and comfort. Bambino incorporates the measurement parameter of woman’s skin’s electrical resistivity and allows for correlating its changes to the day of ovulation.

Bambino is the first product in the world to incorporate the so-called wearable technology, which means a smartwatch with a sensor allowing for the analysis of woman’s body parameters. Its operation is based on a continuous and noninvasive monitoring of woman’s activity, together with a 24/7 measurement and collection of physiological parameters by necessary devices: a smartphone and a smartwatch. The goal is to specify the best moment to become pregnant without having to visit health facilities. This is achieved by the use of neural networks and Big Data.

Our product’s innovation is also highlighted by the fact that the application connects all three parties involved: the woman, her partner and the doctor. The characteristics of the algorithm are also unique as it will “learn” and develop throughout the commercialization process, resulting in the most precise possible tool to plan pregnancy..

Bambino is going to be available on borth Android and iOS devices. Available for download soon!